Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX720 46-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV, Black (Electronics) Review

Ok, I' got this Sony led tv a few days ago and let me tell you its awesome, 3d movies and video games look great, there is no clouding what so ever. dont bother using the internet its slow, but thats what you have a computer for right? lol. Netflix looks good and streaming videos and music from your computer works well too. NOTICE there is no wifi in the tv itself you have to plug in an internet cord or plug in a wireless router, the one thing I havent tried is a wireless usb and see if that would work

Good games in 3d that I've played is...

1. Call of duty Black Ops
2. Killzone 3
3. Grand Turismo ( didnt look great there are bugs in the 3d mode from the game)

I got the 3d starter pack with Alice in Wounderland, awesome just perfect! the 3d in that movie just is amazing. There is hardly any glare on the screen with lighting in the background which is good and in the dark as well.

The best setting I found for this tv in my opinion is

Motionflow - smooth
Cinemotion - Auto 1

Thats all you really have to do, pretty simple

When watching some movies, depending on the quality you do notice very very little image tracking, other wise its nearly perfect. Even to upscale dvds on the ps3 look great I don"t even notice picture lost at all, thumbs up ( NOTICE: may differ from DVD players with no upscale to 1080p or 720p)

Ok most people have talked about 2d to 3d conversion, this is a hard topic to talk about because some people see it better than others depending on how much they look for the 3d in the picture. my thoughts are that you can see it its just not gonna pop out like movies made in 3d, dur. If you try converting video games from 2d to 3d you don't notice anything so i wouldn't bother with that. If you try converting Blu-Ray movies you notice it, pretty much the better quality the image the most likely you will notice it more.

Two movies that i noticed it pretty well were from the dvd versions of Despicable me and Saw 6, but i really havent tried it on the other movies in dvd that i have.

The glasses that i know work with this tv are the TDG-BR100/B, they are not rechargeable batteries, They are coming out with a new one that does have a rechargeable battery soon.

Sony makes really good tv and I advise you to get one if you are thinking about buying a tv, look for deals on them too like this one you can save a few hundred bucks compared to bestbuy and other local stores.

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